4SA Raw Honey

 4SA Raw Honey

It’s been mixed in cocktails at Bradstreet Neighborhood Craftshouse and sweetens desserts at Burch Steak and Pizza Bar.  You can find a jar for yourself at the following locations:
Lowry Hill Meats
Wilson & Willy’s

Raw means Simply Strained & Never Heated

4SA’s raw honey is spun from the comb and passed through a stainless steel strainer. It is never heated above 110°F, so it maintains the complex flavors of Minnesota’s flora.

Note: Due to the minimal processing, raw honey may contain small amounts of pollen which can trigger allergies.

Crystallization is Natural

Raw honey crystallizes sooner than most honey you’ll find on the shelf at your grocery store. This is not a problem when dissolving it in your tea, but can be bothersome when trying to spread it on toast. To liquefy, heat it gently by placing the jar in a pot of warm water and slowly applying heat.

Do not microwave honey.
Do not place a jar directly in boiling water, as the glass may break.