2017 Season

Joe nice frame

Joe holding a frame of brood.

Four Seasons Apiaries will not be taking pre-orders for queens in 2017.

Producing mated queens is a significant commitment of time and resources, especially when done on a small-scale. I’ve decided to take a season off from producing raising queens and focus on other aspects of my operation. I will be back in the 2018 after a season of optimization, improved selection, and experimentation.

“But I Still Need Queens!”

I will be raising queens for my own hives. In the event I have a surplus, I will be sending out an email to my mailing list. Make sure you’re on it.

I’ll still be selling queen cells for $10 each with a minimum order of 6. Cells require a bit of coordination and must be picked up. Please contact me if you are interested. Volume discounts are available.

If you’ve got a handful of hives and are interested in regional bees, I’d strongly encourage you to start raising your own queens!

For a list of other people selling bees locally, check out The Northern Bee Network. It is quickly becoming the tool we need to collaborate and breed bees that keep up with our changing world.